Finis Fuse Tech Suit - the well-priced, high performance gem!

Posted by Lauren Harrod, with help from ProSwimwear UK on 5th Jul 2022

Finis Fuse Tech Suit - the well-priced, high performance gem!

The write-ups on the Fuse, promise a high quality product at an affordable price, with bright and fun colours. They feel like the kind of quality that you would expect from much higher priced suits and along with that the material, strategic lining and stretch properties mean that they're really comfy to wear. Each FINIS Fuse swimsuit comes neatly packaged in it's own box, with a miniature mesh carry bag.

The Fuse is designed to offer a versatile fit. With bonded seams and a durable yet flexible textile material, the Fuse has the most universal fit for all body types. An issue with some competitive swimming costumes is that they can be designed around a very specific body type. If your body type differs from the dimensions the suit is optimized for then many of the technologies built into the suit, such as compression, will no longer be effective. The compression is a good example, a tech suit designed for an athlete with a lot of muscle will not be effective when the suit is worn by a junior swimmer because of the difference in muscle tone. The junior swimmer simply doesn't fill out the dimensions of the suit properly. With the Fuse, this has been addressed and you'll find it provides a better fit for a larger variety of body types, from juniors to masters swimmers!

The Fuse is made from handpicked Italian fabric with a unique UVA/UVB protection making it a good choice for swimming outdoors, which is not something we often get to do in the UK, but I understand that many competitive events in warmer climates like the USA and Australia are held in outdoor pools. The suit features hydro-reflective technology to repel water from the surface of the suit, keeping it lightweight and fast in the water. In addition to this, the swimsuit boasts durable features such as the woven fabric, meaning that the suit will last longer than your average racing suit. So not only is it cheaper than other comparable race suits, but it will also last longer!

When it comes to compression, the Fuse doesn't disappoint. The compression allows a full range of motion, it feels flexible and comfortable whilst still providing muscular support and aiding blood circulation to help your muscles work at maximum efficiency.

“When we set out to make this suit, we wanted something that provided elite-level results at a price that wouldn’t break the bank. I believe it is our responsibility to the swimming world to provide a suit that can help all athletes, from age-group and masters swimmers to Olympians and world champions. This suit helps every swimmer in the world reach whatever goals they set their minds to.”

– John Mix, CEO and Co-Founder, FINIS, Inc.