Ten Reasons Why You Should Book a School Holiday Swim Programme

Posted by Lauren Harrod, with Northern Arena on 12th Jul 2022

Ten Reasons Why You Should Book a School Holiday Swim Programme

It's the holidays, the kids are exciting to sleep in and just relax for a couple of weeks. but we all know that as the days wind on, boredom can set in. Kids get under our feet and we can often end up pulling our hair out trying to keep them entertained!

Why not fast-track their swimming? Here are ten very good reasons why a School Holiday Swimming Programme may be just the ticket:

1. Kick start your child’s swimming lessons

Children learn by repetition. While ongoing lessons are important to improve a skill throughout the year, an intensive programme can give a child a quick start to learning a skill. Reinforcing a skill on consecutive days helps children learn faster, gain more confidence and improve their fitness levels.

2. It is ideal for timid swimmers

Improving and gaining water confidence can be difficult for those children who have had a fright in the water or for the child who has not had an opportunity to learn in a safe environment. Successive positive lessons can reassure your child and start them on their way to swimming.

3. Give your child a boost

For a child who is already swimming, constant repetition speeds up the learning process. If your child is stagnating at a level, a holiday programme may help them achieve the skills they require to move on.

4. Reinforce new skills

If your child is struggling with new skills an intensive programme may assist them in mastering the skill.

5. Make your child safer in the water

No one is safe in the water. Children can be made safer by being fitter, stronger and more competent in the water. With swimming knowledge and ability, there is less chance of panic setting in if they get into difficulty.

6. Build fitness and technique

Constantly reinforcing technique will speed up the learning process while swimming everyday for one or two weeks will improve the fitness and speed of young swimmers.

7. Prepare your child for the school swimming sports

By learning correct starts and turns plus race technique, your child will be better prepared for the school swimming sports. Make the school swimming sports a positive event for your child.

8. Keep your children busy over the holidays

We know how difficult it can be to entertain the kids over the holidays. As New Zealander's, we live near the beach and summer is often spent in, on or under the water. All New Zealanders need to learn the life skill of swimming. Why not do this in the holidays keeping your children busy, getting them fit and keeping them active. Show off to the Grandparents or friends. Holiday time may be a time for visitors so bring them to Northern Arena for an outing to see the progress your children make.

9. It’s a Great Social Activity

Water is a great place of social interaction for all who take part. Lakeside, oceanside, or poolside - they’re an awesome place to hang out with friends and family. Socializing leads to better mental health and gives students a chance to develop their social skills and build positive relationships. Studies have shown that children who learn to swim early on, also develop social skills more quickly than their peers (Griffin University, swimming-kids-are-smarter).