Why is Carbon Fiber used in Race Suits?

Posted by Arena Water Instinct on 7th Jun 2022

Why is Carbon Fiber used in Race Suits?

Carbon Fiber is the ultimate material for performance and speed in everything from F1 cars to space shuttles.

Following years of extensive research and development, arena has discovered a revolutionary way to integrate flexible strands of this extraordinary material into the fabric of all Carbon Series race suits, delivering unprecedented performance and strength without sacrificing flexibility and range of motion.



What are the benefits of weaving the carbon fiber into the fabric?

By weaving Carbon Fiber into the fabric, more power is added, providing maximum compression already at mid-stretch level, so the fabric has stretch in reserve when needed.

Without Carbon Fiber the compression is created through the overextension of the fabric, generating pressure that restricts movement and increases the risk of breaking the suit.

That’s why Arena carbon fiber race suits ensure maximum flexibility and high compression, but also outstanding durability.

Let's look further...

So which carbon suit should I choose? 

One of the most common questions competitive swimmers ask is “what race suit is best for me?”

Arena’s answer and motto is always “every swimmer is different” because what matters most (above distance and stroke) is how the race suit feels when worn.

But what makes people feel good in a race suit?

The key is FLEXIBILITY and COMPRESSION, even if everyone has their own preferred level.

That is why Arena has developed three different Carbon technologies, to meet the varying compression and flexibility needs of each swimmer.

CARBON CAGE (found in Carbon Core FX Models)

Running both horizontally and vertically inside the shell fabric, integrated carbon fiber strands create a grid-like structure providing optimized stretch and recovery in all 4 directions to provide maximum compression and power across the entire body..

MICRO CARBON CAGE (found in Carbon Glide Models)

Utilizing ultra-thin carbon fiber strands in a condensed grid pattern, micro carbon cage technology combines the strength and power of our highest compression carbon fiber fabric with an extremely lightweight and low-profile design for optimum mobility and hydrodynamics.

CARBON BANDS (found in Carbon Air2)

Running only in the horizontal direction, carbon fiber strands surround the core and major muscle groups to provide power and compression where it's needed most, while retaining maximum flexibility and range of motion in the hips and shoulders.

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