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Pinnacle is a strong word, denoting the ultimate, the best, and a level that cannot be bettered. Attaching this to a wetsuit is bold, but this suit represents a balance of the needs of many athletes and presents an all-round solution to the modern triathlete's challenges in 'swimming faster'.

We have a saying here at HUUB - "if you always do what you did, then you will always get what you got!"

The saying challenges us to search for improvement and benefits from those around triathlon and open water swimming; the scientists, the elites, the age groupers, and the enthusiasts. We will never say that we know everything, but we can say that we are constantly striving to learn more and evolve our gear and our sport. This drive took us to consult with one of the sport's greats and someone known for his swimming prowess, Andy Potts. Just because Andy is one of the sport's greatest swimmers, it was no guarantee that he would be able to deliver wisdom to make a difference in the evolution of our products. But fortunately, in this instance, he did! Our founder and owner's passion and knowledge, combined with Andy's heritage and complete attention to detail, has resulted in a wetsuit that holds many secrets and will deliver the swim you have always been searching for!

Andy is a coach, as well as a great athlete. His ability to watch, look and most importantly, listen to his athletes has helped shape this incredible new wetsuit. Designed with swimming efficiency at its heart whilst delivering additional controls in the core (an area typically ignored by triathletes in swimming), this suit is a package of significant improvements that results in what really matters…. SPEED!

The Pinnacle suit is a suit designed to deliver benefits to most swimmers. And by that, we mean swimmers who suffer from sinky legs, snaking, overreach issues, and those whose core strength is not the best. It's a suit that corrects more failings than any other - maybe just don't tell your swim coach!


Flexibility is critical to a great suit. The Rotational Freedom™ and No Suit™ feel sets us apart from the traditional wetsuit make-up. We also focus on the lining materials, their warp & weft, directional alignment, and ability to dry quickly and keep moisture absorption to a minimum.

We research and analyse each type of neoprene from the best suppliers in the world to ensure the perfect match from fabric to composite and neoprene. This combination provides flexibility where it matters and security of fit to reduce ingress and 'neoprene bloat'.

After years of experimentation, the Pinnacle wetsuit is the ultimate combination of Yamamoto type 39 and 40 located in key panels to maximise stroke reach and effectiveness, augmented by combining our patent pending Arms Neutral™ stroke fatigue-reducing technology.

Core Control™ & Stability:

Stability is a core tenant of proper swim position. By providing stability, the Pinnacle wetsuit helps reduce fatigue due to vibration. Our technology and design takes advantage of every stroke to help you propel forward and transfer energy from core stabilisation to forward movement. All of this adds to a more effective catch, keeps you in a straight and tight swimming position and ultimately makes you faster while using less energy.

The Highest Level:

We collaborate on all our suits, be it with Paul Newsome, Andy Potts, female focus groups, able-bodied and para-athletes. Ensuring our wetsuits are designed for people and purpose.

Key Features:

  • An exclusive collaboration design with Andy Potts
  • Core Control™ system
  • HUUB's exclusive best-in-class buoyancy profile
  • Arms Neutral™ unsurpassed comfort and flexibility
  • Breakaway Zipper™ for the quickest swim exits
  • Highest grade neoprene 

80% Neoprene, 15% Polyamide, 3% Metalised Fibre, 2% Cotton



The HUUB Pinnacle is one of the most interesting suits our testers have ever used. With moderate flexibility and buoyancy, the true strength behind this premium suit lies in the totally novel core-retention system that uses horizontal strips in the liner of the abdomen and large inflexible neoprene strips running from above the hips to below the knee. The result is one of the most structured suits we’ve ever tried—specifically for those who tend to “snake” their torso and legs while they swim. Within minutes of the using the Pinnacle, testers found their body position to be vastly improved and their speed increased with no additional work or drills. For those who don’t have issues with their body position, they might be better served by a more flexible or more buoyant suit at this pricepoint, but if you struggle with keeping your midline taut, there is nothing better, and even USD$850 is money well spent


Size Guide


Fitting your wetsuit

For us the weight is the most important factor when getting the
suit to fit right, although the height is significant, it is secondary
to the weight. If you are at the top end of a weight range or fall into two sizes it is best to go for the bigger size or up to the next size. 

Height does need to be considered, but it's not paramount to a suit fitting. If you are at the bottom end of a height range or just outside, for
example, the legs might come up a little long, but these can be trimmed
down (please stick within the limits of the taped inside seam). The arms
will fit securely where ever they come up on the forearm. For a lot of
athletes, it is personal preference as to where they like the legs and
arms fitted.

 How the Breakaway Zipper Works