Finis HydroX™ - Where Science Meets Swim, Ignite Your Pool Victory!

Posted by Lauren Harrod, using Finis Research Paper on 6th Aug 2023

Finis HydroX™ - Where Science Meets Swim, Ignite Your Pool Victory!

Let’s talk about FINIS' latest technical swimwear innovation called the "FINIS HydroX™," which incorporates the "MemoryFlex™ tech fabric." The development of this swimwear involved collaboration with Professor Redha Taiar, a renowned expert in biomechanics and anatomy. His expertise helped in creating the next generation of high-performance racing suits. The development process involved precise studies focused on understanding the natural expansion and contraction of muscles, the interaction between muscles and fabric, as well as the interaction between the fabric and water. The document likely provides detailed insights into how these factors contribute to the superior performance and functionality of the FINIS HydroX™ swimwear.

Muscle Interaction

Discover the indispensable role of muscle interaction in swimming and how it shapes performance. Key muscle groups, including core, glutes, hamstrings, deltoids, shoulders, and upper back, work in harmony for streamlined form and efficient strokes. Embracing biomechanics principles, the HydroX™ technical swimsuit from FINIS features strategic MemoryFlex™ tech fabric placement. This innovative design optimizes muscle movement, resulting in unparalleled performance and water efficiency. Unlock your true swimming potential with HydroX™ and propel yourself into a new era of speed and precision.

Fabric Specification

Intricate fabric specification in technical racing suits is an essential requirement of support, flexibility, and contention. Introducing their proprietary fabric, MemoryFlex™, FINIS revolutionizes swim racewear with a groundbreaking material that imitates the natural behavior of muscles. Unlike traditional two-dimensional fabrics, MemoryFlex™ is woven in a three-dimensional plane, enabling enhanced flexibility and continuous contention. The fabric's ability to return to its initial position with each movement allows swimmers to maintain greater efficiency and consistent contention throughout their races, leading to exceptional performance.

Interaction Between Water Drop & Fabric

In the pursuit of superior technical racing suit performance, fabric hydrophobicity plays a crucial role. Water retention can burden swimmers with added weight and increased drag as water molecules adhere to standard fabric. To counter this, FINIS introduces MemoryFlex™ fabric, a proprietary material with hydrophobic interaction. This unique property ensures water molecules do not adhere to the fabric, eliminating water retention and reducing frictional resistance during swimming. MemoryFlex™ empowers swimmers to glide effortlessly through the water with enhanced efficiency.

MemoryFlex™ Fabric

MemoryFlex™ fabric's uniqueness lies in its deep water repellent, applied to each thread before fabric construction, followed by a second coating, surpassing competitors with more than double the water repellency. While other tech suits may initially repel water, they tend to absorb more water after each use. MemoryFlex™ proprietary technology, with its dual coating, ensures consistent fabric integrity after every race. The fabric's inherent thinness offers enhanced range of motion and minimal water absorption, enabling HydroX™ to retain very little water despite its wet appearance. Adhering to FINA permeability standards, HydroX™ efficiently allows water to pass through the fabric without intake, ultimately reducing drag and resistance during races.

Unleash Your Aquatic Edge: Dive into the science behind our latest technical swimwear, featuring MemoryFlex™ tech fabric. Collaborating with biomechanics expert Professor Redha Taiar, we engineered a masterpiece. Experience optimized muscle interaction, enhanced flexibility, and unmatched water efficiency. Embrace the future of swim racing with HydroX™ - where innovation meets excellence.

Read the full Research Paper here and 'geek out'!